New Haven, Conn. — Yale University today announced receipt of a grant from The Goizueta Foundation, which has a long history of supporting science and engineering education at the University. The award of $1.915 million will establish the School of Engineering & Applied Science Advanced Graduate Leadership Program and ensure the vitality of the Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) program at Yale College.

“We are deeply grateful for this important grant from The Goizueta Foundation,” Yale President Richard C. Levin said. “Our partnership to date has yielded signature successes in two areas of high priority--engineering and undergraduate financial aid. We thank The Goizueta Foundation for the contributions it has made in the name of alumnus Mr. Roberto Goizueta ’53; his distinguished service and achievement remain a source of pride for the University.”

Mr. Goizueta, who graduated from Yale College in 1953 with a degree in chemical engineering, launched a luminous career at The Coca-Cola Company, culminating in sixteen years as chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer. In 1992, Mr. Goizueta established The Goizueta Foundation with a mission to provide financial assistance to educational and charitable institutions and promote sustainable change with long-term community impact. For over a decade, the Foundation has invested in teaching and research initiatives across Yale, including the endowment of two professorships, now held by the chairs of biomedical engineering and chemical engineering, a chemical engineering research fund, and a scholarship fund for Hispanic students with families in the United States.

The SEAS Advanced Graduate Leadership Program will provide select doctoral students with experiences and training beyond the research lab. Participants, competitively selected, will enter one of four tracks--academia, industry, public service, and business--that align with the primary professional avenues graduates follow after completing their studies. Students will engage in academic and outreach activities and in internships within the University and other organizations.

Closely aligned with Dean Kyle Vanderlick’s vision of a new paradigm in graduate education as well as Roberto Goizueta’s appreciation of the importance of interdisciplinary experiences for engineers, the SEAS Advanced Graduate Leadership Program will provide opportunities not otherwise available. As future leaders who stand to make a momentous impact in academia, industry, government, law, non-profit organizations, and other non-academic pursuits, participants will benefit from a wider exposure to divergent disciplines and experiences.

Since its founding in 1995, STARS has sustained the scholarly and career aspirations of Yale undergraduates with an integrated program that includes guided study groups, mentorship, and engagement in faculty-supervised original research. As Yale reaches out to an ever more diverse population, it is focused on broadening access to the sciences among women, minorities, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, and other traditionally underrepresented populations. STARS prepares students for postgraduate study at the nation’s top graduate and professional degree programs and ultimately for careers in which they will be the leaders of a new generation of scientists, professionals, and public servants. Studies on the impact of STARS demonstrate that participation in the program is an important determinant of whether a Yale College student will ultimately pursue a science or engineering major.

With this grant from The Goizueta Foundation, STARS will continue to build upon its excellent track record by expanding the number of participating students and enhancing several of its programmatic elements.

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