Mobile VoIP Could Transform Mobile Landscape

Mobile VoIP is moving beyond its initial function as a new mechanism to get inexpensive international calls, reports In-Stat (  While Mobile VoIP still poses a direct threat to operator voice revenue, it also represents a dynamic new capability that promises numerous applications.  In-Stat projects that by 2013 Mobile VoIP applications will generate annual revenues of $32.2 billion, driven by over 278 million registered users worldwide.

One new application integrates Mobile VoIP into a unified mobile interface to social networking sites. In another new development, MVNOs and 3G operators without legacy networks are using Mobile VoIP to more cost effectively add voice to data offerings. In yet another scenario, a few carriers are using a form of Mobile VoIP, UMA, to support better indoor coverage and off-load macro networks.

Applications such as Skype and Vonage have influenced users to think of voice as a data application. The increasing penetration of Wi-Fi in mobile devices was the beach head that Mobile VoIP applications needed.  As user habits are being shaped by rich on-line communication experiences, mobile carriers control over devices and data applications is waning. Mobile carrier attempts to slow the spread of on-line Mobile VoIP are proving challenging as well.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Activities associated with early Mobile VoIP successes are likely to influence LTE operator voice plans in ways that potentially favor IMS.

  • While the EMEA region has more Mobile VoIP related revenue currently, Asia Pacific will be the largest regional market by 2013.

  • Dual-mode handsets will approach nearly 400 Million units shipped in 2013.

  • Revenue and users associated with Mobile VoIP will be distributed among online Mobile VoIP services, 3G-Based Mobile VoIP offerings, and WiMAX/LTE Mobile VoIP offerings.

This Market Alert is drawn from the In-Stat research,   Mobile VoIP—Transforming the Future of Wireless Voice (#IN0904428MCM), which covers the worldwide market for mobile VoIP. It includes:

  • Analysis of VoIP's impact on the mobile market.
  • Forecasts for Mobile VoIP-associated revenue by region through 2013.
  • Forecasts for Mobile VoIP users and annual usage by region through 2013.
  • Profiles of Mobile VoIP start ups: Fring, JAJAH, Nimbuzz, Vopium, Yego, and Defi Mobile.
  • Profiles of VoIP providers: Skype, Google, Vyke, and Freshtel Holdings; and MVNO/MVNES: Zer01 Communications, Truphone.
  • Profiles of WiMAX providers: Scartel, Clearwire, and KT Networks, and of mobile carriers: T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Rogers Wireless, and Orange.
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This research is part of In-Stat's Mobile Applications & Services service, which examines the consumer demand, usage models, and business models around current and future applications for mobile devices. The service also examines the changing dynamics of the mobile software stack, including the operating systems (OS), user interfaces (UI), internet browsers, and native, remote, and hybrid applications.

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