Nujira announced that the company’s Coolteq.h family of Envelope-Tracking modules now directly interface with Texas Instruments’ GC5322 and GC5325 digital predistortion (DPD) transmit processors and development boards. OEMs can now reduce operating expenses by more than 25 percent as a result of higher efficiency, improved linearity and reduced system power consumption over a wide bandwidth in W-CDMA, CDMA2000, WiMAX, WiBRO and LTE basestations.

The Texas Instruments GC5322 and GC5325 are the first devices to offer an Envelope Tracking port as part of a package of features to optimise system power consumption. As of February 2010, TI’s development board for this family of devices, the GC5325 System Evaluation Kit (GC5325SEK), supports the Envelope Tracking port and can be connected directly to Nujira’s Coolteq.h modules, such as the NCT-H4010, which supports average RF output power levels of up to 60W.

“Texas Instruments is focused on offering our customers features that reduce the overall power consumption of their systems. We see Texas Instruments digital predistortion technology and Nujira HAT™ Envelope Tracking technology as key enablers for energy-efficient basestations,” said David Briggs, general manager of TI’s RF and Radio Products group. “OEMs can now rapidly deploy these technologies with a minimum amount of development effort to produce high-performance, power-efficient 3.5G and 4G basestation platforms that reduce operating costs for network operators worldwide.”

Jeremy Hendy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nujira, added, “Texas Instruments’ highly regarded DPD solutions work ‘out of the box’ with Nujira’s Coolteq.h modules, significantly reducing development time and effort for our OEM customers, and avoiding the need for lengthy FPGA engineering and optimisation. Using the new Texas Instruments DPD processor and development board, and Nujira Coolteq.h modules, customers can easily take advantage of DPD and Envelope Tracking to build high efficiency, high linearity PAs for 3.5G and 4G applications. These technologies can cut the power consumption of the PA by over 50%, compared to designs using existing power optimisation technologies.”

See the GC5325 product folder here:

About Nujira

Nujira’s mission is to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of cellular network base stations and digital broadcast transmitters by reducing the amount of waste energy dissipated as heat in the RF Power Amplifier. Nujira’s High Accuracy Tracking (HAT™) Modulator technology dynamically controls the power supply to the PA in line with the transmission performance required, enabling the creation of highly efficient RF Power Amplifiers for 3G and 4G cellular networks and DVB digital broadcast applications.