Cellphone Users Call Vendors to Get Back to Basics, "Make a Better PHONE"

Lost in the mania around enhanced features such as touch screens, open OS, and Internet access, consumers are asking cellular handset vendors to make a better PHONE, according to market research firm, In-Stat  Over 1,300 survey respondents were asked the open ended question, "What features are desired on your next phone?" The top three responses were better connectivity, better audio and simplicity.

In many cases vendors have been so focused on making complex camera phones, music phones or mobile Internet devices, they have lost sight of the fact that phone functionality is mediocre at best. How often have we seen someone with a finger in one ear and a cellphone pressed to the other ear, desperately trying to hear a conversation?  Our survey responses suggest that there is an opportunity for vendors to develop phones with great audio quality, robust connectivity and antenna features that are simply easy to use.

In-Stat believes that, in the short term, a limited competitive advantage can be created by bringing to market new hardware features and form factors. Real advantages, however, will be created through the integration and improved performance of existing features. Better displays, audio, HD video, and connectivity will command premiums in the market. Rugged phones will also become more popular. The proliferation of increasingly powerful features and multiple connectivity options is also increasing demand on batteries. Phones that are well architected and intelligently designed will be winners in the marketplace.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Video conferencing on cellular handsets is a feature that has yet to find significant adoption but early adopters are 30–39 year olds with high income.

  • Survey respondents expressed more interest in form factors that are more mainstream than the new “exotic” futuristic form factors such as wearable.  Of the futuristic form factors, dual-screen received the most interest followed by e-paper and roll out displays.

  • Larger screens with touch sensitivity are already gaining momentum and will continue to gain popularity. Customization of home screens will improve usability with personalization quickly becoming a must have.

  • Perhaps the most compelling advancement in user interfaces will be the integration of picoprojectors into phones. Picoprojectors overcome one of the most significant constraints inherent in mobile devices, small screens.  The strongest interest was shown in the 25-34 year age segment.

  • Media features continue to penetrate the market and the rise of social networking has helped drive demand for integrated cameras.

  • According to respondents, digital cameras, speaker phones and GPS were the top features on the “Ideal Phone.”

This Market Alert is drawn from the In-Stat research,   Future Cellphones: Leveraging Building Blocks for Better Experiences (#IN0904432WH), which identifies and measures users' interest in features and capabilities of their current phones and what they want in their next phone.

The report provides survey results and analysis across a number of areas:

  • Current and future cellphone form factors and input preferences.
  • Users' interest in specific capabilities and features.
  • Emerging technologies that will enable new features and capabilities
  • Market segments that are leading adoption of new features
  • Vendors progress on bringing new phones, features and services to market
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This research is part of In-Stat's Mobile & Computing Devices service, which examines the market trends, consumer requirements, form factors, and features of mobile communications and computing devices, including cell phones, smartphones, MIDs, mini-notes/netbooks, and PCs.

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