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Description: TitanWEB is powerful, enterprise-strength content management software ( 725 6b1000789182/1805d6ed40807d6e872576240058a859!OpenDocument) that allows people with no technical training to create and easily manage large websites with modern, up-to-date features and functionality.

Calgary's Kryos Systems ( has taken advanced website management one step closer to being truly universal with the new updated version of its award winning TitanWEB Content Management System ( 725 6b1000789182/1805d6ed40807d6e872576240058a859!OpenDocument) .

TitanWEB 4.2 is built and optimized around the strength and stability of IBM Lotus ( 725 6b1000789182/1805d6ed40807d6e872576240058a859!OpenDocument) Domino@ technology architecture and allows non-technical trained staff the ability to keep websites current with sophisticated and modern Web 2.0 features like embedded video clips, cross-functional compatibility with social media sites like Twitter, RSS feeds, Google map integration, and other traditionally 'professional only' features. Designed to help enterprise ( CE3 20F872576190068405B?OpenDocument) and medium sized businesses take their processes online, TitanWEB has found a loyal client base with companies like Keyera Energy, Athabasca University Centre for Innovative Management, Canadian Freightways, and more.

"The advantage to organizations is that they can have their technical-trained staff work on moving business forward, while non-tech trained staff are able to handle the regular day to day updating of even the largest portal ( 725 6b1000789182/1805d6ed40807d6e872576240058a859!OpenDocument) site's content", said Trevor Nimegeers, President and CEO of Kryos Systems, "Smaller businesses can benefit from being able to create and publish professional looking website content without the need to hire an external agency."

The software allows any user to schedule pages to publish at specific time intervals, restrict content to specific audiences, and perform other management tasks significantly faster than was possible previously. The updated software allows staff the freedom to perform these tasks remotely, using a standard computer and Internet connection. With a built-in approval system, Kryos has also ensured that no content goes live until it's authorized to.

Kryos Systems is an award winning software and services company with 15 years of experience helping people work better together through technology. Kryos developed TitanWEB to enable organizations to easily communicate, collaborate, and conduct commerce on a broad range of platforms - from desktop to web to BlackBerry@. Kryos is an IBM Premier Business Partner and authorized reseller of IBM software ( 9E2 C3E8725761900687DC1?OpenDocument) .

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. IBM, Lotus, and Domino are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and other countries.