RixSeattle, Washington USA – RIX® Technology LLC announces the release of new online

technology, Resource Information Xchange (RIX®), for tracking and documenting research and

development activity for procuring Federal and State Research Tax Credits.

RIX® combines new online software technology with an IRS approved methodology for

documenting, reviewing, and verifying R&D documentation, in real-time. It allows companies to

abandon the traditional costly and disruptive, year-end interview and reconstruction process that

has been done since 1981, and replaces it with a real-time recording process that usually takes only

fifteen minutes per month per reporter.

RIX® allows an unlimited number of divisions, groups, or individuals, to upload reports and

documents monthly, as they are performing their work. RIX® also provides an immediate review

process to ensure all reports are complete, including required documentation.

By replacing the traditional year-end interview and document reconstruction process with its

monthly reporting methodology, RIX® ensures that at year-end, all reporting and documentation is complete and accurate. As a result, RIX® lowers the cost of documenting R&D activities, reduces

the disruption to the production process, increases the amount of tax credit applied for, and

increases the amount of tax credit retained on IRS review.

A ten minute video demonstration of RIX® is available at Registration required.

RIX® Technology is providing monthly webinar presentations demonstrating RIX® Technology

and answering questions about RIX® applications, benefits, and general questions about the

Research Tax Credit. Webinar schedule available at