SC14480 single-chip‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 7 January 2010 – SiTel Semiconductor today announced that three of its advanced DECT ICs feature in the new Jabra PRO™ 9400 Series headsets from GN Netcom, the world leader in innovative headset solutions. The new headsets feature SiTel’s SC14450 high-end baseband processor, LMX4180 DECT transceiver and SC14480 single-chip CAT-iq IC. These chips deliver high performance and low power consumption. As a result, the headsets boast a host of new features, excellent energy efficiency and outstanding voice quality including support for wideband audio.

The Jabra PRO™ 9400 Series combine unprecedented sound quality, range and performance with triple connectivity. And as the first family of DECT headset solutions to feature a touch screen base handling calls from your desk phone, soft phone and mobile phone has never been more intuitive.

The headsets deliver optimal audio performance thanks to SiTel’s Perfect Acoustic Echo Canceller (PAEC) and high-quality analog codec for wideband audio. In addition, they feature background noise cancellation for crystal-clear conversations and a volume limiter to protect users’ hearing.

To help businesses reduce energy bills and carbon footprints, the new headsets makes full use of the SiTel solutions’ extensive power management features. While encrypted communication between the headset and the base ensure all conversations remain confidential.

“We are committed to maintaining Jabra’s brand position as the number one choice for unified communication solutions. The extensive features, high processing capabilities and low power consumption of the SiTel solutions plus the in-depth support SiTel provided allowed us to create a new range of products with a unique price / performance ratio to extend that brand position,” says Stefan Heise, Global Product Manager, CC&O, GN Netcom.

“As a leader in voice quality for DECT and VoIP, SiTel is pleased to partner with GN Netcom – a front runner in the field of unified communications solutions. This partnership and the exciting products it led to are further evidence of our strength in performance-critical applications such as headsets,” says Adrie van Meijeren, European sales manager, SiTel Semiconductor.

About the SC14480

The world’s first monolithic integrated DECT/DCT solution in standard CMOS, the SC14480 is the first device in SiTel’s single-chip product family. As the most flexible member it comes with Flash memory, making it ideal for product development, production ramp-up or in applications requiring regular software upgrades.

The high-performance Gen2DSP core provides enough processing power to support the superior voice quality of the CAT-iq standard and other features. The SC14480 can operate directly from Li-Ion cells, reducing external component costs and making the chip ideal for headset applications.

About the SC14450

The SC14450 processor uses SiTel’s proven multi-core architecture to deliver 240 MIPS of processing power. It features a 16-bit CompactRISC™ processor, plus two user-programmable Gen2DSPs. It can run the various audio codecs and best-in-class acoustic echo cancellation and other embedded applications.

In addition, the SC14450 supports a variety of external memories, and features an integrated class D amplifier, power and battery management options, a white LED driver and a wide variety of peripheral interfaces including master / slave PCM, UART, SPI, dual-access bus and USB client.

About the LMX4180

The LMX4180 CMOS RF transceiver comes in a small VQFN32 package. It supports both standard DECT (1880-1900 MHz) and DECT 6.0 (1920-1930 MHz) frequencies, and is fully compatible with SiTel’s advanced basebands providing customers with a complete solution for DECT and DECT 6.0. The LMX4180 is available in mass production quantities, and engineering samples can be delivered from stock.