Mosaid Technologies Inc. (TSX:MSD), an Ottawa-based company that controls patents to numerous memory and communications technologies, says it has a standstill agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd..

Mosaid says the 19-day standstill agreement bridges the gap between the expiry of their previous licencing on Dec. 31 and formal approval of a newly negotiated agreement by their boards, expected by Jan. 18.

As is its custom, Mosaid didn't disclose how much revenue it expects to receive from licencing its patents to Samsung, one of the world's largest semiconductor and electronics companies.

Mosaid has had licencing agreements with Samsung for several years.

Most recently, it announced on Nov. 23 that had granted Samsung a licence under its patents covering products sold globally by Samsung's digital media and communications business.

The Samsung products covered by the agreement include Wi-Fi enabled mobile handsets, notebook and netbook computers, and other system-level communications products.

Other terms and conditions of the agreement were kept confidential.