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Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced that its industry-leading security products received top reviews from two respected independent testing bodies, AV-Comparatives ( and ( . Symantec was awarded Best Anti-Virus Product of 2009 by AV-Comparatives, an accolade that honors top results across numerous tests in key protection and performance areas of security. Symantec also received a first place award in a new real-world test of Internet security suites by, which evaluated leading security products in their ability to protect users during common activities such as surfing the Internet and downloading files. These independent reports continue to reinforce Symantec's leadership position in providing protection against today's evolving real-world threats.

"These new tests evaluate each product's entire set of protection technologies against real malicious programs, just as they would be encountered by actual users," said Stephen Trilling, senior vice president, Security Technology and Response, Symantec. "Symantec's double-win in these independent reviews demonstrates how all of our security technologies work together to provide unrivaled effectiveness against today's Internet threats."

Over the past few years, the threat landscape distribution model has undergone a fundamental shift away from relatively small numbers of threats that affect many millions of users, toward a distribution model where many millions of new threats are released every month that each target just a handful of users across the globe. To provide some perspective on the size and scope of this issue, our analysis shows that in 2009 Symantec security software blocked more than 2.7 billion attempted attacks across the world. Given this environment, traditional antivirus-only solutions have become less effective. To address this, Symantec has shifted toward a defense-in-depth approach that uses many different security layers to protect users. The AV-Comparatives and tests reflect a shift in testing methodologies to evaluate the overall holistic protection offered by the latest security products.

AV-Comparatives AV-Comparatives has awarded ( Symantec its top Gold award ( ry2 009.pdf) of Best Anti-Virus Product of 2009. The award is based on the results of a series of tests performed throughout 2009 that examined Norton AntiVirus and other vendors' products across eight different test categories, including: On-Demand Malware Detection, Proactive On-Demand Malware Detection, False Positives, On-Demand Scanning Speed, Overall Performance (Low-System Impact), On-Demand Potentially Unwanted Applications Detection, Malware Removal Capabilities and Whole-Product Dynamic Protection. "Symantec's overall excellent results in the 2009 tests demonstrate how its products have done a great job at maintaining the right balance of performance, high detection rates and low false positive rates," said Andreas Clementi, chief executive officer, AV-Comparatives.

Contributing to the overall top award, were strong results in a number of new test areas introduced by AV Comparatives in 2009: recently executed a new test ( to answer the question of how effective antivirus and Internet security suite products are at detecting entirely new malware in real-world situations. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus scored first place on detection, out of 12 different well-known security products, by detecting 98 percent of all tested threats. "I believe our new test provides an opportunity for security products to exercise all layers of their protection, and, as such, the resulting protection rates better predict what a typical user will experience in the field," said Andreas Marx, chief executive officer,

Today, the majority of computer users get infected via Internet-based attacks such as drive-by downloads and socially engineered attacks, often cleverly designed to get a user to click on a malicious link. set about designing the new test to better reflect today's threat landscape. Over a three-month period ending in December 2009, tested each product against 10 new unique Internet threats each day. Each sample was run on a clean imaged real machine, and was set up to replicate how an actual user might encounter the threat. This approach facilitated testing all of the different protection layers of each security product rather than targeting a specific layer. Over the course of the test, each product was tested against 600 different threats, as well as 400 clean files to ensure that a product did not falsely convict a clean file -- known as a False Positive (FP). In the test, Symantec had the highest detection rate of all tested products, 98 percent detection, and the best awarded category for FP rates.

The Technology behind the Products The core technologies behind Symantec's security solutions is delivered by the Security Technology and Response (STAR) organization. Over the course of 2009, STAR developed and delivered a number of highly innovative new security technologies that contributed to the top protection scores in these reviews, including:

Additional Resources For more information on rogueware, see the Symantec Report on Rogue Security Software ( and the Symantec white paper on Web-Based Attacks ( res ponse/whitepapers/web_based_attacks_02-2009.pdf) . For more information on the new technologies that contributed to these top test results, see the following: Reputation Based Security ( del -of-Consumer-Protection-Quorum/ba-p/126699A344) , SONAR2 (Behavioral Based Security ( -p/ 117130A335) ), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ( Pre vention-System-IPS-Your-first-line-of-defense/ba-p/124400A339) and Download Insight ( e-f or-Norton-Internet-Security-2010-Download-Insight/ba-p/113827A325) . About the Reviewers AV-Comparatives is an Austrian non-profit organization, which provides independent antivirus software tests to the public. Further details are available from ( . AV is a German independent testing organization that conducts regular security tests of products from all major vendors. Further details are available at ( . Both AV-Comparatives and are members of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) of which Symantec is also a member.

About Security Technology and Response Symantec's Security Technology and Response (STAR) organization, which includes Security Response, is a worldwide team of security engineers, threat analysts, and researchers that provides the underlying functionality, content, and support for all Symantec corporate and consumer security products. With response centers located throughout the world, STAR monitors malicious code reports from more than 130 million systems across the Internet, receives data from 40,000 network sensors in more than 200 countries, and tracks more than 25,000 vulnerabilities affecting more than 55,000 technologies from more than 8,000 vendors. The team uses this vast intelligence to develop and deliver the world's most comprehensive security protection.

About Security Solutions from Symantec Symantec helps organizations secure and manage their information-driven world with security management ( lid sol_security&solfidsol_security_management) , endpoint security ( lid sol_security&solfidsol_endpoint_security) , messaging security ( lid sol_security&solfidsol_messaging_security) and application security ( -xp -embedded) solutions. About Symantec Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored. More information is available at ( .

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