Thursday, September 28, 2010

Room 1235 Howe Hall

4:10 - 5:00 PM

“Target Asteroid Selection for Human Exploration of Near Earth Objects”

In recent years NASA has performed sever studies to determine the feasibility of sending a crewed mission to an NEO using technology developed for under the Constellation project. However, these studies have focused primarily on the feasibility of such a mission. A full search of the NEO database and accompanying mission analysis for each possible target asteroid will be performed for this paper. The primary mission will be a short 90 day spaceflight, however mission up to 180 days will be considered as well. Only asteroids with close flybys in the 2020-2030 ranges, corresponding to expected lunar mission dates.


Sam Wagner received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University in May of 2009.  Currently he is working towards a ME in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University.  Sam is a research assistant for the Asteroid Deflection Research Center working under Prof. Bong Wie.  His research interests include Astrodynamics/Mission Design, Optimization, and Guidance and Control.