Digital Photo Frame Market will Get Connected

The market for digital photo frames has taken-off, particularly since prices dropped to affordable levels in the first half of 2009, reports In-Stat However, due to difficult economic conditions and the trend to purchase digital photo frames as gifts pre-loaded with pictures, most units shipped still lack advanced features such as wireless connectivity to the Internet. Nevertheless, wireless-enabled photo frames are a key growth driver as they will grow at twice the rate of overall digital photo frames in 2010.

Prices for connected frames will continue to decline, and as manufacturers educate consumers about these devices; the mass market will become more comfortable using the Internet services connected frames support. Applications such as sharing and downloading pictures over the Internet, as well as streaming Internet radio and video from online sites like YouTube, are expected to be primary drivers.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Worldwide unit shipments of all digital photo frames are expected to reach 50 million by 2013.

  • Nearly 60% of US respondents to In-Stat's consumer survey identified integrated wireless connectivity as a desired feature on their next digital photo frame purchase.

  • The total silicon opportunity for digital photo frame suppliers will exceed $550 million by 2013.  Microcontrollers comprise the largest opportunity in non-wireless enabled devices.  

  • The bill of materials for a wireless 8-inch digital photo frame will fall below US$36 by 2013; the LCD, the wireless module and the enclosure are the dominant cost items.

This Market Alert is drawn from the In-Stat research,   Wi-Fi Represents Strongest Opportunity in Global Connected Digital Photo Frame Market (#IN0904506ID), which covers the worldwide market for wireless digital photo frames. It includes:

  • Forecasts of digital photo frame unit sales and revenue (connected and non-connected) by functionality segment through 2013.
  • Forecasts of average selling prices and bill of materials for digital photo frames through 2013.
  • Total available market forecast for components and silicon through 2013.
  • Analysis of a US consumer survey regarding digital frames.
  • Profiles of digital photo frame vendors and silicon vendors including: HP, Kodak, Pandigital, Philips, Samsung, Sony, RMI Corporation, Marvell Technology Group, and Samsung Electronics.
For more information on this research or to purchase it online, please visit: or contact a sales representative:

The price is $2,995 (US).

This research is part of In-Stat's Portable Entertainment Devices service, which provides comprehensive analysis of the market for the hottest portable consumer electronic devices, such as portable media players, handheld gaming consoles, and personal navigation devices, and coverage of emerging devices, such as electronic books, digital radio, and electronic edutainment toys. The service also provides insight into the technologies, consumer requirements, and business models driving current and future demand.

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