0603 Size High Performance Chip Ferrite Beads


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized 0603 size chip type ferrite beads, BLM03AX, that reduce undesired noise radiation in electronic equipment.

We have reduced DC resistance within a component by approximately 50% by developing Murata’s own new material and introducing a new process to realize the world’s smallest DC resistance in the size category. Reduction of DC current by 50% translates to 50% reduction in power consumption of the component, and lengthens battery operation time in mobile equipment.

We have further succeeded in reducing impedance variance when exposed to environmental stress such as thermal shock and high temperature load while increasing reliability over the previous model.


More and more electronic equipment are being made smaller and portable. This trend, in turn, necessitates longer battery operation time.

Chip ferrite beads are inserted into signal lines or power lines as noise suppression components. When used for power lines, DC resistance*1 within the component results in a voltage drop*2. Large DC resistance causes a significant voltage drop reducing IC operation margin during low battery voltage. Making resistance small will limit the level of voltage drop consequently allowing the equipment to operate at lower battery voltage. Therefore, in order to lengthen battery operation time, components with small DC resistance must be made available.

To this end, we have commercialized 0603 size BLM03AX with significantly smaller DC resistance in spite of its compact size. BLM03AX is even smaller than the 1005 size (1.0x0.5mm) model we commercialized in January 2009. BLM03AX incorporates Murata’s own newly developed material and improved process to achieve approximately 50% lower DC resistance compared with the previous model in spite of the small size. This model will contribute to lengthening battery operation time in mobile equipment.

Also BLM03AX comes in a wide range of impedance lineups between 10Ω@100MHz and 1,000Ω@100MHz at very large rated currents up to 1,000mA.


  • Ultra-small size at 0.6x0.3x0.3mm suitable for mobile equipment
  • Available in six lineups between 10Ω and 1,000Ω impedance values (@100MHz)
  • Having impedance characteristics emerging at a low frequency suitable for general signal lines and power lines
  • Approximately 50% less DC resistance compared with the previous model realizing the lowest DC resistance in the world for 0603 size models
  • Accommodates high currents such as 1,000mA (for 10Ω model) and 200mA (1,000Ω model)
  • Small impedance variance when exposed to environmental stress such as thermal shock and high temperature load


  • Portable information equipment such as note-size PCs, netbooks and MIDs
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital still cameras
  • Portable audio players


*1 DC resistance: Resistance component within an electronic component, caused by resistance from the coil pattern

*2 Voltage drop: Differential voltage occurring between the inlet and the outlet of a component caused by the current flowing through the resistance portion of the component

Part Number

BLM03AX (1) SN1

(A three digit number representing impedance at 100MHz will be inserted in place of (1).)

External Size

External Size

Characteristicof impedance

Characteristicof impedance


Part Number Impedance @100MHz Rated Current DC Resistance
BLM03AX100SN1 10Ω (Typ.) 1,000mA 0.05Ω Max.
BLM03AX800SN1 80Ω±25% 500mA 0.18 Max.
BLM03AX121SN1 120Ω±25% 450mA 0.23 Max.
BLM03AX241SN1 240Ω±25% 350mA 0.38 Max.
BLM03AX601SN1 600Ω±25% 250mA 0.85 Max.
BLM03AX102SN1 1,000Ω±25% 200mA 1.25 Max.

Operating Temperature Range: -55℃ - +125℃

Comparison of DC resistance with the previous product (in terms of rated maximum value)


50 million units per month in December 2009

Sample Price

5 yen/per unit


4 patents pending


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