Vias through stencilopeningsWhat's wrong with this picture?

I forgot to warn you that there'd be a pop-quiz. It's only worth 10% of your final grade though, so not to worry.

We're fully into the rainy season here in Oregon now. It's dumping and the puddles are puddling up. Last weekend, we thought we were in for another big snow and ice mess, like December 2008, but it turned out to be just media hype. We warmed up and it's back to the usual 40 degrees and raining.

Unlike with a QFN thermal pad, we do want open holes in our streets. We want the liquidy stuff to go down underneath and not stay up top, 'cause that would make our feet wet and Johhny doesn't like wet feet.

Duane Benson

If it's bipolar, it's a "collector." If it's a MOSFET, it's a "drain." What is it if it's a street?