apollo alliance logoSAN FRANCISCO – The Apollo Alliance released a clean energy investment plan today that will create up to 1.2 million domestic jobs while increasing U.S. energy security and climate stability. The release of Apollo’s 5-point plan coincides with today’s urgent White House jobs summit and amid intensified talk by Congressional leaders of an emergency jobs bill.

“America is facing twin crises of economic instability and a global clean energy race that is quickly leaving us behind,” said Phil Angelides, chairman of the Apollo Alliance. “By making targeted investments in our transportation infrastructure, energy efficiency and renewables, and domestic clean energy manufacturing, we will create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and help restore America’s leadership in the global clean energy marketplace.”

Apollo’s job creation recommendations – for inclusion in a larger Congressional and administration plan to spur economic recovery and create jobs – include:

Creating 255,000 jobs by driving short-term investment in efficiency and renewables in ways that will leverage private capital in the long term.

Creating 278,000 jobs by laying the groundwork for a 21st century transportation system.

Creating 700,000 manufacturing jobs (and an additional 1.9 million indirect jobs in related industries) by supporting American manufacturers in retooling and expanding their operations, and positioning domestic clean energy manufacturers to compete in the global marketplace.

Creating a large-scale financing mechanism that drives investment and creates jobs researching, developing, and manufacturing the technologies and products of the clean energy economy.

Creating 31,000 jobs by putting Americans back to work serving their communities and preparing a workforce to build the clean energy economy.

The plan calls for investments of approximately $60 billion in the program outlined above.

“While we must take immediate action to create jobs, these actions must be combined with comprehensive energy and climate policies that encourage public and private investment in the clean technology sector,” said Angelides.

Apollo’s full five-point plan is available at