CES-logo-modSwiss audio technology company, Sonic Emotion, is set to unleash its 3D sound technologies on the US market at CES 2010.

As the first 3D sound solutions for home entertainment products, sonic emotion technologies enable consumers to enjoy a natural 3D sound environment using a single, easy-to-connect loudspeaker, with no positional limitations. “Users can simply plug and play in any room to bring the sounds of their favorite movies, music, TV shows and games to life in 3D,” said Andy Macaluso, sonic emotion Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Even simple stereo input is transformed into 3D sound.”

“At CES we’ll allow listeners to hear 3D sound first-hand so they know what to expect when they see products using sonic emotion technologies in stores next year,” said Macaluso.

Sonic Emotion 3D sound technologies are integrated in multiple devices already available in Europe and China, including docking stations and home entertainment systems, with the launch of the first 3D sound products for the American market at CES.

Hear the world in 3D at CES: South hall 1, booth 21827 

About Sonic Emotion:

As the leading provider of 3D sound solutions, sonic emotion develops groundbreaking technologies which epitomize performance and simplicity. Success in both areas of consumer technologies and in designing and installing state-of-the-art 3D sound systems in cinemas, theme parks, theaters and clubs has significantly lifted the company’s reputation in the international electronics market and opened the doors to a new era of audio realism.

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