NEWBURYPORT, Mass. - Rochester Electronics, a comprehensive and authorized source for discontinued semiconductors, is actively expanding its mission critical product manufacturing capabilities to ensure a continuous supply of certified radiation hardened space-level semiconductors.  

An approved member of the Class V Qualified Manufacturer List (QML) by the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC), Rochester Electronics is contractually licensed by National Semiconductor, TI, Fairchild and other leading semiconductor firms, to provide a continuing manufacturing source for products they no longer make.  Rochester Electronics manufactures devices that meet MIL-PRF-38535 space-level certification requirements. This certification verifies Rochester's capabilities in manufacturing processes, materials, and highly defined test flow to ensure the production of reliable parts that are electrically stable and can withstand harsh environmental stresses.

"For more than 15 years, Rochester Electronics has been an authorized Class S manufacturer and supplier of discontinued semiconductors.  We have since enhanced our capabilities by providing radiation testing and increasing our Class V space-level inventory," said Paul Gerrish, co-president of Rochester Electronics.  "We continue to expand our authorized space-level product line to provide customers with qualified RAD-hard semiconductor parts indefinitely."

Rochester Electronics' space-level certification and manufacturing capabilities enable it to provide continuing long-term support for military and aerospace programs.  For example, Rochester Electronics is currently building some 300 space-level logic devices it recently acquired from National Semiconductor in order to create an inventory to provide customers with a continuing source for the next fifteen to twenty years.  Presently, the majority of Rochester Electronics' space-certified inventory is in logic parts, including those from National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.  However, Rochester Electronics is also authorized to manufacture some of space-level Intel processors, and will be acquiring and manufacturing space-level linear products in the near future.

"Although maintaining a large inventory of space-level parts may not be as critical as with other industries due to their longer build cycles, we understand the importance and necessity of keeping lead times as short as possible," said Paul Gerrish. Since many manufacturers are discontinuing production of space-level parts due to the rigorous certification processes and expansive infrastructure required to manufacture, test and store these low-volume parts, customers are often left with few places to turn for authorized space-level solutions."

Rochester Electronics is also developing RAD-hard testing capabilities to provide customers with a continuous source of authorized space-level inventory certified to a specific range of radiation levels in compliance with the demands of space applications. Additionally, this authorized radiation testing capability enables Rochester Electronics to deliver a unique service that is not widely available - providing space-level redesign services for the purpose of improving the radiation resistance level for products that aren't currently RAD-certified, or that require an upgrade to a higher level of RAD-hardness.

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