Editor's Note: We apologize to the readership. We mistakenly picked the incorrect story here earlier today, so we are pleased to be able to provide this direct response from NVIDIA. 

nvidia geforceThanks again for promptly removing the inaccurate story about NVIDIA on

The story claimed that NVIDIA is exiting the high end graphics market, which is nonsense.

NVIDIA continues to sell the majority of discrete graphics cards sold to OEM customers and the retail/etail channel. NVIDIA graphics cards power some of the world’s fastest gaming systems (both desktop and notebook), and our products are also being used by researchers to accelerate a broad range of non-gaming applications from oil and gas exploration to breast cancer detection.

Last week, NVIDIA introduced its new architecture, code-named Fermi, which will be the core of its next-generation GeForce, Tesla, and Quadro products. Fermi will be the fastest parallel processing GPU when it is released, and it will set new performance heights for high-end graphics and GPU Computing.

The NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards which were cited in your story continue to be manufactured, distributed, and sold by a large number of our add-in card partners and PC manufacturers. They will continue to be marketed at least through the end of this year. As we transition to new products with Fermi GPUs, some products will gradually be replaced with newer ones which is standard industry practice.

For more information on Fermi, please go to:

Thanks very much for your interest in NVIDIA, and let us know if you have any questions. 

Ken Brown

Public Relations Manager, NVIDIA