ni week logoEditor's Note: National Instruments (NI) Week is always a good show, and this year's announcement of the latest version of LabView 2009 was received by a standing-room only crowd at the Austin Convention Center. The show itself was a showcase of applications and devices created and supported by the new development and multicore programming tools LabVIEW 2009 provides. Among other features, LabVIEW allows engineers to graphically program functionalities with auto-generated C code and cut-and-paste tools. Here are some photos I shot on the exhibit floor of some of the interesting stuff. (Mst of the pictures here are ~600 pixels, if you 're in one of these pictures email me and I'll send you a full-size copy)



ni week 10



helo  ni week 2 
solar race car  ti ni week 
ni week 3  ni week 4 
ni week 5  ni week 11 
ni week 7  ni week 8 
ni week 9  trinity robot