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CAIRO, (PRNewswire) -- After an intense competition among finalists chosen from a pool of more than 300,000 students from more than 100 countries and regions, Microsoft Corp. announced the winners of Imagine Cup 2009. Celebrating first place, Romania's Team SYTECH won the worldwide Software Design invitational, South Korea's Team Wafree won the Embedded Development invitational and Brazil's Team LEVV It won the Game Development challenge. Imagine Cup, the world's premier student technology competition, empowers students to unlock their creative genius and build solutions that tackle real-world issues facing society today.

"The creativity and imagination that students poured into their projects this year was incredible," said Joe Wilson, senior director of Academic Initiatives, Developer & Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft. "Many of these projects have the potential to have a serious impact on how we address society's most pressing issues. We hope that all of the students who participated this year will continue their pursuit of creating technology in the service of making the world a better place."

The software design, embedded development and game development finalist teams created applications, devices and games using Microsoft technology based on this year's theme: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today."

A total of 444 students from 149 teams representing 70 countries and regions competed in the Imagine Cup 2009 Worldwide Finals in nine categories: Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Development, IT Challenge, Robotics and Algorithm, MashUp, Photography, Short Film and Design. In addition to the main categories of competition, there are several Achievement Awards this year: the Interoperability Award, Unlimited Potential Design for Development Award, Unlimited Potential MultiPoint Education Award, Accessibility Award, Accessible Design Award, Parallel Computing Award, Tablet Accessibility Award, Live Services Award, Windows Mobile Award, and the H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak Special Award, sponsored by the first lady of Egypt through the Cyber Peace Initiative (CPI).

The winners were announced in a gala awards ceremony this evening at the base of Egypt's historic pyramids as part of the Imagine Cup World Festival, a celebration drawing Imagine Cup competitors, mentors and other key attendees from around the world. The following are the top three finalists by invitational in finishing order:

Software Design

First place: Romania -- SYTECH

Second place: Russia -- Vital Lab

Third place: Brazil -- Virtual Dreams


Embedded Development

First place: South Korea -- Wafree

Second place: China -- iSee

Third place: Ukraine -- Intellectronics


Game Development

First place: Brazil -- LEVV It

Second place: United States -- Epsylon Games

Third place: United Kingdom -- Sanquine Labs


Robotics and Algorithm

First place: Czech Republic -- Lukas Perutka

Second place: Canada -- Byron Knoll

Third place: China -- Lin Fuming


IT Challenge

First place: Romania -- Cosmin Ilie

Second place: China -- Wu Chang

Third place: Bolivia -- Miklos Cari Sivila



First place: United States -- CURIOS

Second place: Poland -- Monastery of Innovations

Third place: Singapore -- PlanetKY



First place: Croatia --Voodoo Delirium

Second place: Singapore -- Woolgathering

Third place: Japan -- Terada


Short Film

First place: United Kingdom -- Fulham Four

Second place: India -- ChennaiCoolers

Third place: Ukraine -- Just4Fun



First place: Brazil -- Willburn

Second place: United States -- eXchangeFun

Third place: France -- Paindepices

Click Here for the rest of the winners and more information about the competition. 

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