Editor's Note: The appearance of more choice in the e-book market bodes well for the industry. Not only are e-books changing the way people read, this nascent but growing transition to personal electronic readers gives the paper publishing industry a new avenue to reach out to its readership.

( - UK-based startup Interead has unveiled a new e-book device ( that promises to apply pricing pressure to rival e-book products from Amazon and Sony.

Called the Cool-er, the device is the result of a realization that the time for an "iPod moment" for e-readers had arrived, according to Interead founder and CEO Neil Jones. "This is the moment when you start to see the eReader reaching the mass market of non-technical people who will be using these devices in their daily lives," Jones explained.

The Cool-er -- which measures 7.2 x 4.6 inches, weighs a svelte 6.27 ounces and is just 0.4 inches thick -- comes in the user's choice of eight different bright colors. Interead also says its Linux-powered gadget is capable of delivering up to 8,000 page turns from a single charge of its 1,000mAh battery.

Under the hood, the Cool-er integrates a 400MHz Samsung processor, 1GB of storage, and 128MB of internal memory. Additionally, the device sports an SD card slot capable of supporting the storage of an additional 4GB of information.

Cool-er users can download the latest e-books from anywhere by using a standard USB cable to connect to any computer running Windows or the Mac OS with a broadband connection. "And as we are the only one with a Mac-compatible device, we have re-enfranchised this part of the computer market," Jones noted.

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