I had appointments with Energizer and Analog Devices today, and Samsung gave us a "booth tour." Samsung wasn't being pretentious when they called it a "tour." Believe me, the booth looks like a small house, and must have cost a fortune. Energizer gave me a demo of their new Zinc Air Primatic Battery, which I'll feature in a future Efficiency Zone. Analog Devices had a host of new products, including an innovative controller that will inevitably replace the Wiimote, the Sixense. We also found time to check out a little company called Microsoft. Enjoy the images!


Hard at work get the rest.                                                                                                               Ever heard of these guys?


Touch sense is making huge strides...we're getting

close to the movie Minority Report                                                                            A touch/vibration sense chip from Analog Devices






The Sixense remote being demoed.                                                                                  Energizer's Zinc Air Prismatic Battery. 


Samsung's mammoth booth. A "tour" was an accurate way to describe

seeing the whole thing.