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[Fiber Deployment Study] Expanded Fiber Deployments: Is Now the Time?

As subscribers' bandwidth demands continue to surge, broadband providers are seeking smart ways to add capacity while delivering faster and more reliable connections. Many are turning to fiber network expansions to meet these needs and to prepare for future technologies that could cause additional increases in capacity requirements.

E-book: Essential Guide to Select an Integrated COM Express System

Trends like IoT and Industry 4.0 are creating a stronger push towards the use of smaller computer systems with increased performance, such as IoT gateways, in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about the ideal modular solutions in today's market in terms of quantity, complexity, project duration and long-term availability of implemented components.

Equipping the OR

In evaluating supporting devices for purchase, there are preferences that can be teased out from OR staff. Being certain to make purchases in line with those preferences can be the determining factor in making physicians, nurses, and other practitioners feel fully comfortable in the operating suites.

The Clinical Case for Absorbable Subcuticular Skin Staples

With the introduction of a revolutionary, new skin closure modality that rapidly places absorbable subcuticular staples (INSORB® Absorbable Subcuticular Skin Staples, Incisive Surgical, Inc., Plymouth, MN), the opportunity exists to conduct a fresh assessment of the available surgical options with respect to achieving the clinical parameters of skin closure and, if possible, determine the modality that will best meet these goals in the 21st Century.

Top Markets Report: Medical Devices

This Top Markets Report examines 84 different markets in terms of U.S. export history, forecasted market risk and rewards for exporters of medical technology; per capita spending in markets; and market size. As U.S. exports of medical technology tend to be on the cutting edge of sophistication and advancement, data were used to highlight those markets that would likely be willing and able to make the necessary outlays for acquisition of more costly therapies.

Optimal Integration of the Hybrid Suite

Learn how two companies have partnered to combine imaging systems with advanced integration technology to create the  modern Hybrid Suite and what this type of optimal integration can do for workflow efficiency, patient outcomes and long-term cost savings at your facility.

Effectiveness of cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesives as a microbial barrier protectant

In addition to Topical Skin Adhesives (TSAs) proven use as wound closure devices, they are also increasingly used as surgical site microbial barriers to protect the closed wound from microbial contamination after primary closure. TSAs have been proven to provide effective contaminant barriers as long as the adhesive film remains intact. Clinical evidence demonstrates reduced wound infection from their use.

The Danger Of Flawed Responses When Alarms Sound

As medical technology progresses at a dizzying pace, it's important to identify and address the shortfalls that can lead to dire consequences. Using the latest industry studies as a starting point, Surgical Products identifies the hazards and provides solutions for surgical teams.

Surgical Site Infections – How Some ORs Are Winning the Battle

Read how two hospitals recently made important progress in the fight against devastating Surgical Site Infections. Understand how their use of Xenon Light Technology achieved drastic infection rate reductions, and access the related peer reviewed published outcome studies. Learn steps for bringing similar results to your healthcare facility.

The Path to a Driverless Future

We’ve seen remarkable advances in driver assistance technology over the past few years, however, there is still a large gap between current systems and systems that will make driverless cars practical and affordable. Some of the challenges that must be overcome involve creating highly-sensitive sensor systems, internal and external design challenges, developing hyper-accurate mapping databases, and overall security. In this report we delve into the challenges and potential solutions, and we discuss the incremental roll-out from driver assist to fully autonomous.


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