National Instruments (NI) announced the world’s first software defined radio (SDR) for millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum. The new NI mmWave Transceiver System is a full transceiver that can transmit and/or receive wide-bandwidth signals at 2 GHz real-time bandwidth, covering the spectrum in the E-band, 71-76 GHz.

The mmWave transceiver system includes new PXI Express modules that collectively function as an mmWave access point for a user device. The system allows users to develop mmWave communication prototyping systems or perform channel measurements using the same system.

The mmWave baseband software delivers a complete mmWave physical layer including channel coding in LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) source code to expedite system development while alleviating many of the system integration tasks. Researchers can also use the mmWave transceiver system baseband with the E-band mmWave heads or other third-party RF front ends to offer maximum flexibility for exploring other mmWave and microwave frequency bands.

As a key participant in NI’s RF/Communications Lead User program, Nokia has been working with early versions of the mmWave transceiver system in its 5G research initiatives for over a year.

mNectar, a provider of in-app playable advertising, has launched a playable ad format that incorporates force touch. Currently available on select mobile phones, force touch activates new functions based on how much pressure is applied to the screen. The new format makes it possible for gamers to try out force touch-enabled mobile games through a playable ad, within their current game and without a download.

Altair Semiconductor, a provider of LTE chipsets, announced its FourGee-1160 chipset has been certified for deployment on Japan’s KDDI network.

The certification granted by KDDI follows extensive interoperability, conformance and performance testing in order to ensure a smooth introduction of new IoT products and services based on the Altair chipset.

Altair’s FourGee-1160 is a CAT-1 chipset solution was designed specifically for IoT and M2M applications, such as wearables, vehicle telematics, smart meters and security applications. The FourGee-1160 features battery life in excess of 10 years and offers unique features such as enhanced security and a customizable application layer.

The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Wireline Competition Bureaus of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission), granted Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) members a temporary, limited waiver of the requirements to support text telephony (TTY) technology on wireless networks until December 31, 2017. 

CCA President Steven Berry said the waiver will allow competitive carriers to focus on investing resources in advanced networks and developing innovative technologies, such as Real-Time Text or other accessible IP-based text alternatives.