Developments in the design of Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS's) is a topic that will be high on the list at this year's UK Device Developers' Conference.

US company Wind River will be explaining how their VxWorks RTOS has been deployed in over 300 million devices and how it has changed and evolved over the past 30 years.

The UK Device Developers' Conference is a one-day Conference for engineers, computer scientists and designers working in the field of intelligent systems and devices. It consists of a tools and technology vendor exhibition, three presentation streams and five half-day technology workshops.

This year's Conference will take place at Bristol (May20th), Cambridge (May 22nd), Manchester (June 3rd) and Scotland (June 5th). 

Real-time operating systems have been a cornerstone of this industry, as they are designed to provide a highly predictable behaviour and often have a very small memory footprint. These key features enable them to be integrated into a wide range of systems and devices, and enable the responsive and robust performance that is essential for control systems within vehicles, medical equipment, aerospace systems and many everyday electronic devices.

"We are very pleased to have Wind River present at the Device Developers' Conference," said Richard Blackburn, Conference Manager. "Their presentation will look at 30 years of change in the Real Time Operating System industry, and the talk will chart Wind River’s experience from its founding in 1982 with two engineers in their California garage. It will also look at lessons learned and key milestones throughout the life of VxWorks, and end with a look at what is new and exciting in the April 2014 release, VxWorks version7. It should be an informative and fascinating presentation."

The Device Developers' Conference explores the new technologies and tools that are used in the development of embedded systems and electronics. The aim of the event is to provide a productive forum whereby engineers can meet key industry experts from design tool and hardware vendors, as well as undertaking half-day workshops and presentations that offer new skills and knowledge.

A further presentation at the conference will examine critically, from first principles, the theory and practice of current RTOS products, highlighting those concepts that underpin the development of truly real-time systems, those that are inessential and those whose adoption can be counterproductive.

Presented by Peter Bushell of Software Integrity Ltd, the presentation will finish with an overview of a new RTOS kernel, designed from scratch.

“This year’s Conference is shaping up very well,” said Richard Blackburn. “Delegate registrations are well up on last year, and we are seeing increased industry support and enthusiasm for this event. We are very pleased with the way this Conference is growing and being accepted by the technical community.”

Attendance at the Device Developers' Conference, including the extensive agenda of 40-minute presentations, is free to engineers and project managers working in the technology sector. The half-day workshops are subject to a small charge.  Registration is required. For more information, or to reserve your place at one of the events, visit: