Sysacom R&D plus, Inc.

Sysacom R&D plus, Inc.

275 Pierre-Le Gardeur Blvd.
Repentigny, Quebec J5Z 3A7
Phone: 450-585-6396
About the Company

Sysacom develops custom electronics circuits and systems and a full range of embedded software and application software. We also manufacture instrumentation, measurement and automation products.

You will benefit from our full range of electronics design services and electronics products. Our customers manufacture thousands of various units every year; this is our pledge for a top-level quality.

You are a products manufacturer and you need expertise in electronic engineering and software to improve your products performances, attractiveness and add emerging functionalities; in this case Sysacom will work with you and will undertake the challenge from concept to functional products.

Whether you need to add a controller board loaded with software, motors driver, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, sensors, security, signal processing, GPS, display, RFID, switching mode power supply or complex analog electronic; Sysacom will drive your project to success.