Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact

PO Box 4100
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111
Phone: 717-944-1300
About the Company

<p>Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment. Our products are used in many industries, including:</p>

<li>Power generation</li>
<li>Oil and gas</li>
<li>And many others</li>

<p><strong>A global company</strong></p>

<li>Phoenix Contact GmbH &amp; Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany has annual sales exceeding 1.3 billion euro (approximately $1.8 billion)</li>
<li>Founded in Germany in 1923</li>
<li>11,000 employees in 47 international subsidiaries</li>

<p><strong>With a local presence</strong></p>

<li>Phoenix Contact USA, one of the first international subsidiaries, founded in 1981</li>
<li>More than 500 employees in the U.S., including about 415 at U.S. headquarters near Harrisburg, Pa.</li>
<li>U.S. headquarters is home to manufacturing and distribution center</li>
<li>By bringing production and logistics closer to our customers, we provide shorter lead times, easier on-site reviews, faster response and increased flexibility our U.S. customers</li>

<p>Phoenix Contact’s formal Integrated Management System is registered to ISO quality, environmental and safety standards:</p>

<li>ISO 9001:2008</li>
<li>ISO 14001:2004</li>
<li>OHSAS 18001:2007</li>