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About the Company

A good connection is the best form of attachment

We ensure effective communication and efficient processes. This high quality of service helps METZ CONNECT to gain a competitive edge and thus establish new markets and safeguard
established relationships – an advantage that is based predominantly on three outstanding characteristics:

1. Customer-specific solutions
Our technological leadership comes from our innovative strength: Understanding the customers‘ applications just as well as our own products and realizing creative solutions with a maximum of individualization – this combination forms one of the most important secrets to the company’s success. Numerous METZ CONNECT products today are customer-specific developments.

2. International availability and local presence
METZ CONNECT product ranges are marketed in many countries of Europe, America and Asia – everywhere where equipment and machine manufacturers as well as operators of buildings and systems require our expertise and service. In addition, METZ CONNECT sees itself as a partner of the specialist trade.

3. Loyalty and continuity
The relationship between METZ CONNECT Group and its customers is characterized by a durability that is way above average. Awards such as “Supplier of the Year” or “A-Partner” and also the results of the annual customer satisfaction surveys are impressive testimony to this trust.