JVD, Inc.

JVD, Inc.

2266 Trade Zone Blvd.
San Jose, California 95131
Phone: 408-263-7704
About the Company

JVD Semiconductors designs Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs. Our devices challenge standard ASIC design methodology and provide outstanding cost/performance benefits. Founded in June of 1982, JVD has been providing the world with high-quality, cost efficient custom Analog Integrated Circuits for more than 30 years. As a self-funded, debt free, privately owned company, everything we do is based on what’s right for you and your design.

Why move to an Analog ASIC?

1. Reduce Cost. Our customers face highly competitive environments. By integrating several standard product ICs into a single silicon chip, JVD can lower your costs by as much as 90%. Check out these examples of past projects.

2. IP protection with low risk, and short time to market. JVD’s Analog ASIC ICs help keep the counterfeiters at bay. Enjoy greater market presence without fear of exposing your IP.

3. Shrink Footprint. Combining multiple ICs into a single silicon chip can significantly reduce the size of your end product. Whether for implantable or mobile medical applications or an automotive product, the size of your product can make the difference between winning and losing a contract.