InTalTech, Ltd.

InTalTech, Ltd.
Ness-Ziona, Israel
Phone: +972-8-9400002
About the Company

InTalTech, Ltd., is an ISO 9001 Certified design center providing development, engineering, qualification and manufacturing services for mechanical and electronic hardware projects. The company was founded in 2005 to meet the growing demand for innovative design solutions. Our uniqueness in the market is defined by our vision and ability to provide our customers with creative solutions for their technical design challenges.

InTalTech has successfully completed military, industrial and medical manufacturing projects for such industry leaders as: Gilat Satellite Communications, Elbit Systems, Israel Airspace Industries, Vision Map, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Qualitau, Verint and Oridion.

Furthermore, InTalTech develops, manufactures and markets the TBDocK™ ToughBook docking station solutions, MILCOMM™ communication products and MILCONN™ connectivity solutions for the military, industrial and medical business markets.

• MILLCOMM™ is a series of military-grade communications converters and switches.
• MILCONN™ is a series of hardened connectivity solutions for industrial and military needs.
• TBDocK™ is a docking station for Panasonic's line of ToughBook computers.
InTalTech's unique mechanical design enables quick and easy customization and modularity.