Bild Innovative Technology LLC

Bild Innovative Technology LLC

2656 W. Montrose Ave, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Phone: 760-450-6633
About the Company

<p>Bild Innovative Technology LLC provides comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services to the high-performance digital imaging market. &nbsp;Our expertise covers the entire&nbsp;signal chain from sensor to display including CMOS&nbsp;imagers (day and night), miniature high-voltage power supplies&nbsp;(HVPS), image processing (I-P: NUC, Color-correction, CE, fusion) to display (OLED,&nbsp;LCD).</p>

<p>Specializing in embedded and body-worn applications, our designs are featured in a variety of end-products including AR/VR, Training and Simulation (T&amp;S), enhanced night vision, embedded sights and eyepieces, and other related applications spanning the broad imaging&nbsp;market including commercial, government, military, and medical.</p>

<p>We provide full product life-cycle support extending from concept development, to product design, to&nbsp;production, including prototype, LRIP, and full production.</p>

<p>We are proud to announce the launch of our line of universal microdisplay drivers with the introduction of the BIT1012A&nbsp;for the eMagin&nbsp;SXGA096 OLED. &nbsp;This low-power full-featured OLED driver features a user-configurable compact form factor for mounting in a variety of optomechanical&nbsp;applications. &nbsp;Providing a variety of electrical interface options (uHDMI, uUSB, UART, discrete), the BIT1012A&nbsp;is easily adapted to a range of end-uses. &nbsp;Custom configurations are also available - please contact us for details.</p>

<p>Please contact us for full technical details, demonstration, and pricing.</p>