3M Medical Materials & Technologies

3M Medical Materials & Technologies

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About the Company

Trust your medical device needs to the company that is known for innovation, quality and global service.

Customers have relied upon 3M for innovative products since 1902. With access to more than 100 core 3M technologies, we can meet the needs of our medical business-to-business customers with existing products or by developing new ones.

3M is a trusted brand in health care with over 50 years of experience. We have a tradition of presenting customer focused solutions in medical tape, surgical drapes, wound care dressings, indicators and patient prepping categories. Unique 3M technologies have resulted in more than 10,000 3M Health Care products. We offer innovative product solutions for your medical applications.

Draw on our unique 3M technologies in medical tapes, films, specialty coatings, and materials for your next product innovation. We ensure a confidential approach to safeguard the integrity of your product development process. Our comprehensive product testing and clinical support can help bring your products to market faster. Your product development requirements are supported by our experienced customer-focused team. We experts placed around the world to provide you with critical global knowledge and support.