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About the Company

3DT LLC is a leader in atmospheric plasma and corona treatment technology, offering a broad line of standard and custom systems. With more than 25 years of experience, 3DT provides solutions to adhesion problems by treating virtually any surface regardless of shape. The result- superior bonding of adhesives, ink, coatings on plastics, rubber, glass, composites, paper and metal surfaces. Additionally, our atmospheric plasma treatment systems micro-clean surfaces for many purposes including cell culture growth.

3DT offers solutions including single source design, manufacturing, installation and service, regardless of size or scope of the project all made in the USA. We combine our many years of experience with the most sophisticated and versatile generator and transformer technology in the marketplace. Our solutions range from simple semi-automatic tabletop units to complete fully-automatic systems integrated into your production line. 3DT's systems are productively working around the globe.

Applications for the Medical Industry- 3DT's corona discharge is ideal for prepping surfaces for marking and printing applications of numerous types of medical parts, such as syringes, bottles, respules, vials, surgical instruments, tubing, etc. Optical lenses benefit from surface treatment prior to coating and marking. Adhesion is highly improved with 3DT's powerful corona treatment. Applications include needle hubs, tubing, parts of autoinjector pens, medical devices, and more. Basically, any application that involves the bonding of plastic to plastic or to another substrate will benefit from our technology. Additionally, labware such as Petri dishes and multicell wells processed with corona treatment “wet out” for improved cell culture growth.

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