Saab has unveiled the Gripen Aggressor, a new version of the Gripen fighter plane.

As its name suggests, the Gripen Aggressor excels in adversary air combat training, which helps the market prepare for realistic battle scenarios. Pilots can improve and refine their warfare skills to best prepare for any future event.

“An aggressor, or adversary aircraft, is used to act as an opposing force in advanced military combat training. Aggressor squadrons use enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures to provide a realistic environment for the fighter pilots to train against,” according to Saab in a press release.

This new variant is based on the Gripen-C platform, which boasts the long range PS-05/A radar sensor for acquisition/weapons aiming. Five 1553B digital data bus highways provide full integration of avionic systems and onboard sensors.

The Gripen Aggressor retains the sensor, datalink, handling, and flight capabilities associated with the Gripen C series. However, the aircraft strays from the original fighter design with customized features specific to the aggressor role.

“There is a major difference in the capabilities provided by the aggressors on the market today and what the need is for the coming years,” says Richard Smith, head of Gripen marketing & sales at Saab.

“In order to train as you fight, you need to fly advanced combat tactics against peer and near peer opponents like the Gripen Aggressor. Essentially world class pilots need to train against world class opponents and that is the Gripen Aggressor,” Smith adds.

This concept aircraft will make its debut at DSEI2017 in London, UK. To learn more, watch Smith present a short overview in the video below.