Fishing is often considered a game of patience, and it's a game I usually lose. If the fish aren't interested in taking the bait, perhaps it's time to add technology to your fish-catching arsenal. PowerVision has recently created an underwater drone that's poised to completely change the fishing world.

The PowerRay is capable of diving 98 feet (30 meters) beneath the water's surface. When the drone is submerged, the user can activate its impressive fish-finding powers. By using sonar components, the PowerRay can detect fast-moving fish an additional 131 feet (40 meters) below its underwater location.

The drone has a built-in 4k camera that captures brilliant aquatic footage. Since the drone has an embedded WiFi system, the PowerRay can instantly send recorded video and images to the user's phone, accessible through a downloadable smartphone app.  

(Image Credit: PowerVision)

This device also carries a convenient gadget to help increase your catch count. According to PowerVision, users can "attract fish through an integrated luring light." A pre-installed, adjustable LED lighting system not only assists with finding fish, but increases the quality of your photography and deep-sea footage. 

Adding to this tech's impressive list of credentials is its immersive virtual reality (VR) capabilities. Users can control the PowerRay with VR goggles or a wearable device. As a user slowly moves his or her head while donning the VR headgear, the drone responds accordingly, recognizing both gravity and gestures.

By late February, this product will become available for pre-orders, so start saving your money now!