Robots are inherently kinda creepy. Granted, some of them are actually pretty useful (like this laundry folding robot). More and more, researchers especially, have found multiple use cases for robots. Even still, it’s hard getting used to the creepy things sitting on your counter top. Here are three creepy robots that actually serve a (semi-useful) purpose.

RoCo Follows You Around, Keeps You Cool

Meet RoCo, the rolling robot that follows you around your workplace making sure you're not too hot or cold. Researchers at the University of Maryland's Center for Environmental Energy Engineering designed and built RoCo with the goal of reducing the cost of heating and cooling buildings.

Real-Life Salamander Robot Can Crawl

Inspired by the salamander species pleurodeles waltl, 'Pleurobot' can walk, crawl, and even swim underwater. Pleurobot perfectly mimics the movements of a real-life salamander. The robot, created at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), features 3D-printed bones, motorized joints, and electronic circuitry as its 'nervous system'. Learning about the salamander's spinal cord provides insight into its function in all vertebrates, including humans.

Always-Watching Pillo Dispenses Meds 

Pillo is a “home health robot” that combines the functions of a pill dispenser with Siri, machine learning, and two creepy always-watching eyes. Pillo uses facial recognition to identify different individuals, and then dispenses the appropriate pills to those people at the time they’re supposed to be taken. Pillo answers questions about health, syncs data with your phone/smartwatch, and can even set up video calls with health professionals.