(Courtesy of Stryker)

Complications caused by retained items can cause facilities millions of dollars in lawsuits and damages. If facilities are using the SurgiCount safety-sponge system though, they could have $5 million in support from Stryker.

The supplier launched its SurgiCount Promise this week, which provides facilities up to $5 million in indemnity protection and a money back guarantee if a retained SurgiCount sponge is found. According to Stryker, accidentally leaving sponges in a cavity happens about 12 times a day, but, in the 9 million procedures the sensor-system has been used, that has never happened. 

“We know that SurgiCount can help protect a hospital’s patients, staff and bottom line by significantly reducing the risk of retained sponges,” Dylan Crotty, vice president and general manager of Stryker Surgical. “(This) promise gives participating hospitals complete confidence to invest in patient safety by shifting product-cost risk to us.”

This move holds the supplier accountable for a problem often pinned on surgical technicians and nurses. Until we see this guarantee in action, I’m curious how the supplier will respond and what loopholes exist to get the company out of paying $5 million.

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