Recent advancements in wireless technologies are not only leading to exciting and innovative car designs, but are also changing the ways in which we travel. As exciting as these new technologies may be, some have a few concerns of the risks involved with such advancements. Check out this recent letter to the editor:

Dear Editor,

"Connected Cars - Changing the Way We Travel". Your publication, like so many other technical publications, writes glowingly about the technology that will make self-driving cars possible. How wonderful to consider that when I am too old to drive, that I may not have to sacrifice my mobility. 

Yet, few if any are discussing the societal risks of self-driving cars. The ability to travel where we want is our most precious freedom, yet could end forever based on how this technology is implemented. Will we have to file for a permit to travel? 

Imagine further, that a government wants to detain you for questioning. How easy to send a command to reroute you to the location of their choice. We need to discuss these threats and how to create safeguards against them now. Else when the technology is implemented governments have the keys, it will be too late.

- John H.

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