The Clever Medkit is a first-aid kit to end all first-aid kits.

This over-the-top technologically-advanced kit is technically designed for businesses, but I would consider this for a home purchase because I am a germaphobe and hypochondriac. (Yesterday, I used a Lysol wipe on my pens.)

So, let’s walk through the process of injuring yourself and using this bad boy.

First, you injure yourself and go to the kit (or send someone depending upon the severity of your hypothetical injury). It will be really easy to find the kit no matter where it’s located. This thing cannot be mistaken for anything but a first-aid kit. It is literally a giant green cross that glows.

When you open the doors, the camera takes a picture of you and a time- stamped incident report is created. For home use, this might be nice for parents working while the kids are at home, but for a workplace it might be really important for HR or someone else to know that someone was injured on the job.

If you’re not really sure what to grab from the box, push a button and the Clever Medkit will suggest items that could be useful depending on the injury. For example, if you push the burn button, items like burn gel will light up. Your options are burns, eyes, cuts, trauma and CPR.

 However, you better hope whatever you need has a green light underneath it because that’s what indicates whether something is in stock. There is also an indicator light on the front of the box to indicate if it’s probably stocked.

Everything is laid out really neatly, so you’ll be able to grab whatever you need.

Obviously, the company is happy to order you anything you’ve run out of. This is the laziest first-aid kit ever created. There is no excuse for not having it stocked and ready to roll.

All this being said, you can’t actually buy there. The units are leased with a monthly rental fee (plus the cost of any refills.)

The goal here is to get first-aid kits to “act as more than storage boxes” and ensure they’re stocked and prepared. The accompanying software means you’ll be able to access the reports and also see what needs to be ordered.

In all seriousness, I can see this being hugely beneficial for schools or businesses. It’s simple, efficient and utilizes technology in a way that actually makes sense. This is one of those things that is easy to fall behind on because it’s not an everyday thought, but not having something fully stocked and easy to use can be really dangerous.

Depending on the price point, I’d love to see this take off enough that there was a consumer version.