Jason LombergYes, someone actually built a chocolate quadcopter. And no, the DoD hasn’t investigated potential military applications (that I know of). A flying treat like this probably wouldn’t survive harsh environments (greater than 20°C) or soldiers’ stomachs, but it could redefine the “candygram”.

A YouTube DIYer filmed the mouth-watering creation process using a GoPro Hero 3 and posted her unique confection for the world to salivate over. She even posted the ingredients:

• 1,000g dark
• 100g white chocolate
• 1x M V2
• 4x Sunnysky X2216
• 4x TurnigyPlush 25A ESC

Essentially, she coats the wings in a thick layer of cocoa and uses molded chocolate for the lower frame. The innards utilize standard (aka, inedible) COTs components, but the chocodrone is at least 40% chocolate, and best of all, it actually flies.

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And when you’re bored with flying your chocolate drone — or the Weather Channel forecasts a heatwave — you can have a tasty snack.

All kidding aside, the choco-copter probably has no practical commercial applications, though I can imagine a thriving business for Valentine’s Day “special deliveries.”