Jason LombergOn the order of cheesy, manipulative internet memes, watching children befuddled by legacy technology ranks just above cat videos and duckfaces. And here’s another one.

And let’s face it: Kids these days are spoiled. And I don’t mean their (over)abundance of material wealth and improved standard of living which enables even poor families to own a TV and, in many cases, a smartphone and video game systems(s).

Rather, kids are lucky to live in such an advanced technological age that has never been more accessible to the average schmoe (or child).

Show a child an “ancient” computer — from the late ‘70s/early ‘80s — and he won’t know how to turn it on or get it to do much of anything, but he’ll have no problem navigating his smartphone. And though “DOS” sounds like a foreign language, they may know what “pixilation” means.

And a floppy disk? Forgettaboutit. May as well be an alien artifact.

Back in the early days of personal computers, user interfaces weren’t quite so ... user-friendly. So the only place you’d find a “mouse” was a hole in the wall. And nearly everything launched from DOS, so forget Windows or much in the way of assistance.

Watch and enjoy the generational clash.