From my perspective, design and innovation is ultimately about making life better for people and a better world. My job as a designer is to exploit product experience options that create value, propositions and services so compelling, customers prefer to be caught in the vortex of attraction rather than try to escape.

In addition to engineering, new product development must address psychology and perceptions. I believe that as a world society, we have mastered manufacturing and can make anything that we imagine. Designers are new experience creators. People want to experience their world on better levels. Products frame our experiences. If we can improve our products then we can make better human experiences.

My first job is to translate critical implications of human interactions into accurate product development specifications, and communicate the parameters with a clarity that gives engineers the confidence and reassurance that they are making on-target development decisions.

A key component of visualizing a new product is the representational model.  Anyone can make a model. We now have computer visualization and 3D printing. However, it’s about the story the model conveys on many levels: scale, materials, attraction, usability, perceived value and social drivers. Designers can also be seen as the spec generators for engineers. Our expertise is in the synthesis of intelligence about people, markets, business and future-casting the critical implications of human interaction.

I invest a great deal of effort studying every aspect of craftsmanship, detail and psychology in great product design. I have practiced and refined my techniques in a myriad of industries. These are vast areas of knowledge and there is always something new to discover. Not just visionary design thinking, but doing. I do it, deliver it and help people profit from it.

Engineers do not have to start with a handicap by not getting enough clear information in development briefs. Design is first a spec development discipline. The more precise and accurate the specs, the faster engineering can focus their engineering clout on development.

Art, science and design shapes our lives and design is a science that manifests as art.