I recently showed you some outlandish gadgets people are buying. Now I'm back to show you what people are using their ridiculous gadgets for...

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1. Getting good grades

Computer-generated papers are suddenly flooding academia. Major scientific journals have accepted some for publication. All because of a prank pulled off by few graduate students with senses of humor. Really?

2. Advertising uniquely

Companies have gone to all lengths to step up their advertising games. Well this is, um, above and beyond. Last summer, Taco Bell advertised their tacos' arrival in Canada right on their tacos.

3. Winning at air hockey

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's a puck launched by the Air Hockey Robot. Someone combined an old-school air hockey table with a 3D printer to create this unbeatable monster.

4. Powering your pet

Spoiler alert: USB power doesn’t make your pet rock do anything. Then again, that's not the USB's fault. Pet rocks just don't do anything.

5. Losing weight

Breaking news in the dieting lexicon says that eating too fast is the key to weight woes.So this cutlery actually times your bites. Is it less humiliating to be chastised by your mother or your fork for poor table manners?

6. Tasting the internet

Then again, who needs to eat real food when they can eat the internet instead? Scientists created an electrode that recreates sweet, salty, bitter, and sour tastes.

7. Measuring your BAL while listening to music...oh, and driving

The iBreathalyzer is, yes, an attachable Breathalyzer for your iPod. It's equipped with an FM connection to play your iPod through your car speakers. Just to be clear, when I suggested that one should reach for a Breathalyzer if they need the BeerPager, this is NOT what I meant.

8. Taking your pet to the their mind

Using your smartphone, QuantumVET opens a portal in your pet’s mind to diagnose and treat their issues. Before you ask: No, it doesn't work. The only bonus: If smartphones really do disappear, maybe this will too.

9. Taking calls

Designed to let you take phone calls in an isolation chamber, the Isophone assumes that blocking out all other stimuli leads to enhanced concentration on business calls. Unnecessary? Terrifying? Brilliant? You decide.

10. Performing surgery

An augmented reality app used pre-op scans to let a German surgeon use an iPad to perform liver surgery. Is this better or worse than surgeries performed by robots? You decide again. Leave all your thoughts below!