Most tech gadgets are nothing short of miraculous. But I think these are nothing short of ridiculous. Maybe except for a couple...

1. The Wake'n Bacon

Wake up and smell...the bacon? This alarm clock actually cooks bacon to wake you up. The clock is made with a mini-oven. All you have to do is place a strip of frozen bacon inside before you go to bed and it starts cooking ten minutes before your alarm goes off.

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2. The Caffeine Machine

A combination of genius and convenience, this is a PC with a coffeemaker built right in. Whether you're too busy or too lazy, you caffeine addicts will never have to leave your desks again. Seriously, if I weren't so clumsy, I'd be all over it.

3. The Solar Hat

Keep cool— your head, anyway —with no cost to the environment. This cap has a built-in fan powered by the sun. Well, I guess when you're forced outside on 100+ degree summer days you'll try anything.

4. The Magic Wand Remote

TV for wizards? TV for Harry Potter fans, more like. You can program this wand with up to 13 different commands for your television (or anything else remote-operated). Like magic, it learns from your existing remotes.

5. The BeerPager

Place any drink in this cupholder and you’ll be able to find it when you inevitably lose it. It lights up and plays the sound of your choice from up to 60 feet away. The newer models even let you record your own sounds. Although if you need this device, I'd strongly suggest reaching for a Breathalyzer instead.

6. iTypewriter

This is, you guessed it, a typewriter attachment for iPads. Though it does give old-time charm, isn't one of the key purposes of iPads the fact that they're portable? 

7. The WheelMate

This car accessory lets you attach your laptop or tablet to your steering wheel…so you can use it while you’re driving. I’m always complaining about losing productivity on my commute, but I don’t think this is the answer (or in any way, shape, or form safe).

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8. The Spy Pen

It’s not enough for spies of the digital age to write notes on their subjects, so this pen lets them take voice recordings and photographs surreptitiously. And this company will put a recorder in almost anything, even car keys.

9. The Text Message Chandelier

Yes, you read that correctly. This crystal chandelier is built with tiny LEDs to display messages sent to it from a cell phone. Perfect for when Mom yells at you to put your phone away at the table.

10. iSmell

Okay, this one isn’t actually available anymore. But the iSmell, created by DigiScents, was designed to let your computer simulate actual smells. A big loss for the tech world.