Being such a massive show, CES 2014 had a lot to offer. But there are two sides to every coin, and many of you watched our Top Ten from CES 2014 to see what was impressive. What brings us here today are the few that scraped the bottom of the barrel.

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5. The Mamaroo from 4moms has varying motion, speed, and a number of nature sounds that can be operated from an LCD display. While I’m all for making the lives of parents easier, this thing just seems lazy and creepy.

4. A number of small, cellphone connected devices were floating around CES 2014, but this little tidbit from OhMiBod presented a new way to electronically interact with others… intimately. This adult product aims to bring interaction back to relationships through an iPhone controlled app. You heard that right, this intimately close device can be remote-controlled with a smartphone.

3. Though we covered it in our top ten (since they had a strong presence), wearable devices were some of the biggest flops at the show. An exhaustively overrated bit of consumer hype is the only reason these archaic, James Bond devices seemed to have such a strong presence at the show. Then again, they just might be ahead of the market as early Bond enthusiasts are entering (or deep into) the geriatric phase of their lives.

2. This guy begged inclusion due to the intense ambiguity regarding his presence. Wandering the show floor with a security guard in tow, this guy didn’t speak and lacked any sort of clue to his origin. Marketing 101, put the name of the company on the advertisement for the product.

1. Curved TVs. Though I inquired whenever possible, nobody was able to give me a clear reason why these curved TVs are so amazing. 3D bombed, so I’ll give manufacturers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to super high-def 4K TVs, but curved TVs don’t seem to serve any benefit beyond novelty.