Do you or a loved one have an emotional eating problem standing in the way of your weight loss and healthy living attempts? Well, now there’s a bra for that.

Microsoft recently reported it has been working on a “smart bra,” equipped with a generic remote access sensing platform (GRASP). This real-time sensing system integrates electrocardiogram (EKG) and electrodermal (EDA) sensors to track your emotional status. The sensors then transmit the readings to a smartphone app, which records and monitors your emotional response to stress.

Microsoft proposes that this technology would ideally focus on establishing healthy eating patterns by alerting the wearer of her emotional status. The wearer would ultimately be alerted and warned if her current emotional reading means she is in danger of embarking on a late night ice cream, chocolate, and/or potato chips binge.

But don’t feel too left out just yet, gentleman. Microsoft is also exploring the possibility of similar wearable emotion trackers for men. However, they found that boxers or briefs are out of the question, as the sensors would be too far away from the chest to adequately track the heart rate.

There is no word yet on when Microsoft plans to have this new invention on the market, but the coming weeks’ holiday fallout means we’re sure to see all sorts of novel weight watching technologies in time for the looming New Year’s resolution season. 

A mood-tracking smart bra? This might work for some, but unless the bra is also equipped with a shocking mechanism, I don’t think I’d trust my own self-discipline to actually listen and follow advice provided by a boob app. I don’t know about you, ladies, but I think I’ll keep my current bras and endure through this emotionally charged relationship I have with carbs, chicken pot pie, and chocolate truffles.

Would you wear smart clothing to track your emotional status? Or would you just prefer that your significant other wore it and you could piggyback the dashboard on your phone? Leave your comments below.