For a girl who loves her Apple products, I’ve generally been pretty un-opinionated about iOS 7. I’ve heard some complaints about the size of the app icons and other curmudgeonly complaints as everyone slowly updates, but in general nothing too bad. My favorite—and most frequently heard—complaint is actually that they changed the color of some of the app icons and now no one can find anything.

All-in-all, I’m pretty ambivalent towards the change. I love the new multitasking screen and the new control center that slides up from the bottom. Plus, the developers added airdrop, which makes it easier for my lazy self to use iCloud. It’s basically the same. My only complaints are sometimes it displays a new email notification when I don’t have one, and that they reversed the finger movement to delete an email. That’s all she wrote. (Not literally, there is more to the article.)

That being said, some people experience a more, ahem, sickening reaction to the update. Apparently there have been several reports of users experiencing something akin to motion sickness after using the phone. There are a few theories as to what might be causing the unpleasant reaction. One idea is that the new icons move slightly as you’re viewing the screen and when that’s combined with the new background, it creates sort of a 3D affect that could be causing the nausea.

The idea is that the sickness and headaches are caused by something caused “parallax effect” that Apple talked about when the update was originally discussed back in June. It’s fancy-talk for saying that the gyroscope and accelerometer are tied to the visual overlay, so if you tilt the phone the apps look like they are “floating.” Cue nausea.  

[Editor's Note: For the sake of science, I just tested this in my cube. It’s true.]

There is also an idea that it’s the actual animations and transitions that are making people sick. The motion may trigger something in people with visual sensitivities causing them to get headaches.

So, how do you make it stop? Some are opting to go back to iOS 6, but you really don’t have to be that dramatic. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the Reduce Motion button. Also, stop looking at your phone so much.

Now everyone can enjoy their Apple products in peace, back to solving that pesky government shutdown problem.