Who says being dead has to kill your love life?

Not the guys at, who helpfully remind us of the following:

“Meeting new people online can be a fantastic, fun experience. Of foremost concern, however, is safety, because meeting strangers can also be dangerous. If you're alive.

Thank goodness you're not, eh? What's the worst a psycho could do to you? You can't come to any bodily harm, because you don't have a body! Hurray for being dead! Am I right?”

Yes, a dating website actually caters to ghosts, because of course it does....

And no, this isn’t a joke (at least in the sense that the website actually exists).

The Internet’s limitless potential for putting the sum total of humanity’s accumulated knowledge at a keystroke has the incidental effect of uniting lonely singles who prefer Christians, Jews, geeks, fitness, hook-ups, and other niche preferences, but ethereal spirits? That’s a new one. allows prospective clients – “male ghosts” or “female ghosts” – to search for a mate between the ages of 18 and 1,000+ who died “horribly”, “mysteriously”, “tragically”, or “suddenly.” From there, you can connect with lovely singles like vengeful1, F, age 119.

Or funtime_phantom:

Of course, cultural norms change over time (and some singles may be hundreds of years old), so offers some universal dating tips: ask questions, compliment your date, and don’t be offended if they suddenly disappear.

And don’t kiss on the first date. In fact, don’t kiss ever, because “your faces just pass through each other, and it’s really weird for both parties.”

And the best part? is 100% free! According to site management, “finances probably aren't a big concern for most of our customers. They're probably enjoying not having to worry about how to come up with next month's rent. Why, then, should we give them something to worry about by demanding payment for our quality services?”

I’m happily taken (and among the living), but if I passed this mortal realm as a bachelor, I’d know where to find romance. Though I’d have to temper my expectations. As points out, “Can't do much without a body.”

Warning: ECN is not responsible for readers who can’t take a joke. We will, however, take credit for arranging ethereal spirit hook-ups.