Some people have waaaaaaaay too much money to burn.

Take, for example, this guy, who likes to film himself destroying popular consumer devices with high-powered rifles. His latest victim: a Gold iPhone 5S, which he annihilates with a Barrett M82A1 .50 sniper rifle.

One part of me laments the wanton destruction of a rare prize that fetches up to $10K on eBay. The other part of me, the testosterone-fueled firearms enthusiast who likes to watch expensive s%$& blow the *#$% up, thinks this is ‘effin sweet.

If you’ve never shot a .50 rifle or an M2 Browning .50 Machine Gun (aka, “Ma Deuce”) – and let’s face it, most of us haven’t – know that it leaves your ears ringing and kicks like a donkey hopped up on Red Bull. The poor iPhone never stood a chance.

Richard Ryan (aka, the “Tech Assassin”) initially puts the 5S through a normal battery of tests – drop tests on dirt, concrete, and water – and the durable little Apple device passes muster. (It actually “fails” the dirt test, but only because the screen cracks.)

And here’s where the fun begins.

Richard puts the 5S through the crosshairs of his Barrett .50 rifle and punches a neat hole clean through. For a cool little physics lesson, note how the iPhone wasn’t tethered down but remains relatively stationary – even after a .50 round penetrates it. The 5S rocks a bit, but that's all.

The “Tech Assassin” then flips the iPhone lengthwise and obliterates it into little smartphone chunks.

And why exactly did he make an iPhone go boom? I’m not sure, but I like one of the reader comments in the Business Insider piece:

“I love seeing stuff like this. It gets Apple fanboys visibly upset. It's as if the phone were a living entity publicly executed.”