If this doesn’t warm your heart, then I’d check your pulse.

Remember that cool “Bullet Time” visual effect from The Matrix (and about a dozen other movies and video games since)? A handful of amateur filmmakers used the technique to film dogs at play, and it’s every bit as delightful as it sounds.

“Bullet Time” is actually trademarked by Warner Bros. – who distributed The Matrix – and according to TV Tropes, it refers “specifically to the technique of using multiple cameras and a green screen to "freeze" the action and rotate around it, rather than just slowing conventional action down.”

In The Matrix, “Bullet Time” denotes a scene where the hero, Neo (Keanu Reeves), literally dodges bullets while the camera pans around the scene. But one can find historical antecedents to “Bullet Time” as far back as 1936, and the technique’s utility stretches beyond Hollywood blockbusters.

In “Matrix Puppies!”, Devin Super Stamp uses this cinematic technique for something decidedly more germane … and cute. The production company acquired 52 GoPro cameras and, in conjunction with Orapup, precisely measured the dimensions for the rig and GoPro dimensions (ensuring that Bullet Time’s rotation effect is smooth), sent it all off to a laser cutting company, and used the completed system to film man’s best friend frolicking, fooling around, and having fun.

Set to “Reverie” by the musical duo Scott & Brendo, the video has that chirpy, jovial feel of one of those promotional slide shows they play before press conferences at trade shows like CES, but it’s absolutely sublime.

Check out "Matrix Puppies!" (along with the equally-fascinating Behind The Scenes below).