Can’t live without your morning cup of joe, but hate dealing with snooty baristas at hipster coffee shops and the imprecise hands of flesh-and-blood humans? Modern technology has finally married our addiction to hot, caffeinated beverages with our similar – but no less potent – love of wacky vending machines with the robot barista.

Briggo Coffee understands the mystical hold that these small cylinders of liquid hot addiction hold for millions of people – “We know that many people in the world (nearly 25 million) rely on coffee for their livelihood, and we know that to those who drink it, coffee is irreplaceable,” notes their website.  

The Texas-based company also knows that a scatterbrained barista can easily turn a “good morning” into a “good night”, and the slightest wayward ingredient can ruin your day – you want what you want. The company believes that “perfect is personal”, especially for those who prefer gourmet blends and exotic concoctions over Keurigs and crude vending machines spouting hot batches of blandness.

Briggo’s solution, Coffee Haus, allows you to customize your brew down to the nearest “milliseconds, milliliters, and grams,” save it to the cloud or share it on Facebook, and pick it up from an unmanned “shop” with décor – courtesy of Yves Behar of Fuseproject – that’s reminiscent of a warm, inviting neighborhood coffee shop (or an automated assembly line).

“Beauty is what stands out. It’s what catches your attention in an otherwise bland environment. Taste is no different. A gram here, a degree there. It’s what makes something special out of something otherwise ordinary. It’s why the 4 star chef adds just the right amount of seasoning,” says the company.

The company uses beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia, and the coffee is roasted at their Austin, Texas headquarters, but nearly everything else is customizable. Customers can order in-person or schedule a pick-up through their smartphone or PC, and the system sends you a text message when your personalized brew is ready. The milk – available in soy, whole, 2%, 1%, skim, and half ‘n half – is steamed to exact precision, and the system provides various sugars and gourmet syrups.

Coffee Haus offers drinks ranging from espressos to lattes, milk steamers, and cappuccinos (customized to your liking, of course), though the company is regrettably scuttling iced tea, lemonade, and lemonade tea due to low demand. In the future, the company will offer drink scheduling, which allows you to pick up your custom blend at a designated time at your local kiosk.

And if “Fair Trade” sounds like nails on your ethical chalkboard, know that Coffee Haus proudly touts its “Direct Trade” approach – which, among other things, promises higher compensation for farmers (a common criticism of “Fair Trade” claims that farmers aren’t fairly compensated, creating disincentives).

Briggo plans to offer the “new Coffee Haus experience” at various locations, including corporate campuses, airports, and hospitals.